In order to try to stifle criticism of their faith, some Muslims have threatened and sued and murdered. Leaders from Islamic countries (who can hardly be called fringe figures) even managed to pass a UN resolution banning any criticism of religion (Islam in particular), noting:

…everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to freedom of expression, and that the exercise of these rights carries with it special duties and responsibilities and may therefore be subject to limitations as are provided for by law and are necessary for respect of the rights or reputations of others, protection of national security or of public order, public health or morals and respect for religions and beliefs;

So the UN has recast freedom of thought as freedom from debate (“the right to hold opinions without interference”), and decreed that “respect for religions” trumps freedom of expression.

Well now the Islamic fundamentalists have gone too far: because of threats, Comedy Central won’t distribute episode 201 of South Park online. Not cool, dudes.

I wanted to draw my own picture of Mohammed and post it, but I’m bad at drawing, and these religious types really thought ahead by picking a prophet with a beard and turban, which are really hard to draw. So instead here’s someone else’s drawing (I don’t know whose):

Mohammed cartoon

I encourage everyone with a web page to publish their own picture of Mohammed.

Of course, my regular source for religious imagery is the Jesus and Mo web comic. This one is my favorite.

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