If it weren’t published by InfoWorld, I’d think that this were a brilliant bit of satire:

I hate disruptive technologies. They’re antithetical to all that’s sane and stable in enterprise IT…


It’s an old story, one that traces its roots to the earliest days of the personal computing revolution. Back then, the more nefarious users would sneak their shiny new PCs into the workplace, prompting a near riot as colleagues and other departments clamored for equal consideration. Suddenly, guerrilla PC cells were popping up all over the place, forcing IT to waste literally millions of man-hours whipping these poorly thought-out devices into a semimanageable state.

The best way to understand what the industry means by “enterprise computing” is to take note that “enterprise desktop” columns make regular mention of “idiot users”. But I’ve mentioned this before.

(via The Macalope)