I realize this is trite, but here goes:

I have not been so proud of my country in quite some time. Michelle Obama was vilified for saying something similar, and it is those who attacked her—those who can’t understand or accept (or learn from) criticism—who have made me ashamed.

The press seems to have opened the floodgates for all the “and he’s black!” commentary that they’ve been holding back through the campaign. I’m sure Obama’s race feels like the major victory to many people today, and others are cheering the prospect of more liberal social policy, or a different approach to foreign policy, or a fresh economic agenda. I’ve been smiling since Wednesday morning because my country just elected the first American politician I’ve ever known who speaks to the public as though they are adults capable of rational thought and reflection.

I just watched a speech he gave which focused primarily on religion. It’s not his best speech, and I don’t entirely agree with everything he says, but the last four minutes are the best summary I’ve seen of what is so different about Barack Obama.